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Custom Engraved Truss Rod Cover for Jackson guitars


We are now offering custom engraved truss rod covers for Import Jackson guitars. The truss rod cover is patterned after a 1990’s Jackson guitar that was made in Japan. This is a great way to add a little extra personalization to your favorite Jackson guitar!

Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies currently offers customer engraved truss rod cover for Gibson, Epiphone, PRS, PRS SE, Ibanez, Schecter, Gretsch, ESP/LTD, Carvin and Guild guitars.

If you have any questions about our custom engraved truss rod covers, you can send us an email at support.

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We are proud to now offer custom engraved truss rod covers for ESP/LTD and Carvin guitars.  Each truss rod cover can be engraved with up to 2 line of text. You can choose from two of our available fonts to add some flare to your message.

Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies currently offers customer engraved truss rod cover for Gibson, Epiphone, PRS, PRS SE, Ibanez, Schecter, Gretsch and Guild guitars.

If you have any questions about our custom engraved truss rod covers, you can send us an email at support.

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Jescar fretwire logo

Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies is now offering Jescar’s full line of fret wire.  The fretwire is first radiused to 7.25″, 9.5″, 12″, or 16″.  Then we cut them into convenient 2 3/4″ lengths for easy installation.  You will save yourself time and money because you won’t need to purchase a fret bender.

The size of Jescar fretwire can be identified by the part number.  FW57110 = FW-fretwire, 57-.057″ height, 110- .110″ width.

Jescar fretwire part number system

Here is a list of all the available fretwire we currently stock.

Nickel Silver – FW37053, FW37080, FW43080, FW45100, FW47095, FW47104, FW50078, FW50085, FW51100,

FW51108, FW55090, FW57110, FW58118, FW60110

Stainless Steel – FW37080-S, FW43080-S, FW47095-S, FW47104-S, FW51100-S, FW51108-S,FW55090-S,

FW57110-S, FW58118-S

EVO – Gold – FW37053-EVO, FW37080-EVO, FW43080-EVO, FW47104-EVO, FW55090-EVO, FW57110-EVO

If you have any questions about Jescar fretwire, you can send us an email at support.

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,Signature on PRS truss rod coverPopular among guitar manufactures is to add models based on guitars used by your favorite artists. Almost every major manufacturer makes them for a host of artists from every genre of guitar-based music. You will find signature models for Eddie Van Halen – EVH, Paul Gilbert – Ibanez, Carlos Santa – PRS, Slash – Gibson and Epiphone, and the list goes on and on.

Almost everyone that plays guitar has personalized their guitar. Whether it be changing the pickups, replacing knobs, adding decals or just removing the pickguard.  Why not have your very own signature model guitar? Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies can now engrave your signature on a truss rod cover. We are not using a special script font to simulate a signature, but your actual signature.

To make a truss rod cover with your signature on it you will need to provide us with a copy of your signature. On each product page you will find a downloadable PDF with an outline of your truss rod cover and instructions. The PDF will contain two truss rod cover outlines. We suggest that you sign your name twice and circle the example you prefer.  Make sure you use consistent pressure so the line thickness is even throughout. Try to keep your signature within the double lines.  We will try to replicate your truss rod cover to look like your example. If you sign your name at an angle it will be engraved that way. Try to be creative with your signature…the more stylized the better.

Signature sample

Once your order is received we will convert your signature into a vector for engraving. This is the most time consuming part of making the truss rod cover. It requires us to manually tracing your signature for engraving. Variation in line thickness will not be engraved.  

Original signature converted to vector for truss rod cover

Signature sample FINAL

When purchasing the truss rod cover you will get an opportunity to enter special instructions. You could ask us to fix small errors, center the signature, enlarge, etc. Another option would be to add text along with your signature. For example…You could ask us to add Model using font B below the signature. Any of our standard engraved truss rod cover listings will include a list of available font for engraving. If clarification of the instruction is need, we will contact you before making the truss rod cover.  

The engraved “Signature” truss rod covers are located here on our website. If you have any questions about a signature truss rod cover, you can send us an email at support.

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Jescar Premium Guitar PolishWe are now offer Jescar Premium Guitar Polish at Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies.  This is the best guitar polish I have ever used!  It works so well that I wanted to offer it our customers.  I really like the way it leaves all of my guitars looking and feeling great without the use of waxes or silicone.  The great smell doesn’t hurt either.

Why Jescar?  Most of you know Jescar for their fretwire.  They are one the largest supplier of fretwire to the US music industry.  What some of you probably don’t know is that Jescar is also the parent company of MenzernaUSA, the largest supplier of buffing and polishing compounds in the music industry for high-gloss finishing.  If your guitar, bass, or piano has a high-gloss factory finish chances are they provided the manufacturer or luthier with the polishing compounds for their finishing process.

Jescar’s premium guitar polish comes in a convenient 4 oz spray bottle and includes a free microfiber cloth.  Small enough to be stored easily in your guitar case.  As much as I like the polish, I would also like to mention how nice the blue spray bottle is.  Probably sounds little weird to talk about the spray bottle but it sprays the polish so fine and perfect that a little goes a long way.  Only a few spritz is enough to clean and polish the whole front of a guitar!

Jescar premium guitar polish will keep your instrument clean and glossy, however it is not designed to remove surface scratches.  You will find Jescar polish available here.   If you have any questions, you can send us an email at support.