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Custom Engraved Truss Rod Cover for Jackson guitars


We are now offering custom engraved truss rod covers for Import Jackson guitars. The truss rod cover is patterned after a 1990’s Jackson guitar that was made in Japan. This is a great way to add a little extra personalization to your favorite Jackson guitar!

Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies currently offers customer engraved truss rod cover for Gibson, Epiphone, PRS, PRS SE, Ibanez, Schecter, Gretsch, ESP/LTD, Carvin and Guild guitars.

If you have any questions about our custom engraved truss rod covers, you can send us an email at support.

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Custom Engraved Truss Rod Cover

We make a lot of custom truss rod covers and many follow the basic 1 or 2 lines of text.   Most of the time, if it is an interesting design or is a special request from a customer, we share an image of the truss rod cover on our Facebook page.   Because of all the search engine traffic, we think it would be a good idea to add a link to these photos on our blog too.   If you click on the “CUSTOM TRUSS ROD COVER GALLERY” link below the header, it will take the truss rod cover photos from Facebook and display them here.

If you decide to go beyond the basic 1 or 2 lines of text or need a little help designing a truss rod cover please contact us at support@philadelphialuthiertools.com.   There may be additional fees for some custom work.

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We recently added 3 new truss rod covers to our custom engraved TRC inventory.

We have two Ibanez truss rod covers that are exactly the same shape but have different bottom mounting hole locations. The DM-911-IBZ1 is for guitars without the Access truss rod cover; The DM-912-IBZ2 is the one with the Access truss rod cover. The Access truss rod covers have the little door that opens and allows for easy access for truss rod adjustments. Of course with the custom engraved truss rod cover you will lose this ability…I don’t think that is a big deal for an awesome TRC! If you are ordering either one of these please check the measurement closely to ensure you get the correct truss rod cover.

Ibanez Non-Access Truss Rod Cover – DM-911-IBZ1

Ibanez non access truss rod cover

Ibanez Access Truss Rod Cover – DM-912-IBZ2Ibanez truss rod cover with access

We also have added a Guild custom engraved truss rod cover. They remind me of an upside down Gibson TRC. These have special rounded edges and are only 1mm thick on black TRC material.  This is a very easy way to add a little customization to your favorite guitar.

Guild truss rod cover DM-913-GUILD

Guild truss rod coverVisit our website at www.philadelphialuthiertools.com and see all the available custom engraved truss rod covers we have to offer. Tell a friend!