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Here is a substitution chart for Sintoms, Jescar and Dunlop commonly used fretwires. I will be updating the chart as I have more time to include more sizes. Eventually, I will include Stewmac and other fretwire brands.

Both Jescar and Sintoms frewire are available at Philadlephia Luthier Tools & Supplies.

Sintoms, Jescar, and Dunlop Substitution Chart

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Link to printable PDF files….here

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Jescar fretwire logo

Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies is now offering Jescar’s full line of fret wire.  The fretwire is first radiused to 7.25″, 9.5″, 12″, or 16″.  Then we cut them into convenient 2 3/4″ lengths for easy installation.  You will save yourself time and money because you won’t need to purchase a fret bender.

The size of Jescar fretwire can be identified by the part number.  FW57110 = FW-fretwire, 57-.057″ height, 110- .110″ width.

Jescar fretwire part number system

Here is a list of all the available fretwire we currently stock.

Nickel Silver – FW37053, FW37080, FW43080, FW45100, FW47095, FW47104, FW50078, FW50085, FW51100,

FW51108, FW55090, FW57110, FW58118, FW60110

Stainless Steel – FW37080-S, FW43080-S, FW47095-S, FW47104-S, FW51100-S, FW51108-S,FW55090-S,

FW57110-S, FW58118-S

EVO – Gold – FW37053-EVO, FW37080-EVO, FW43080-EVO, FW47104-EVO, FW55090-EVO, FW57110-EVO

If you have any questions about Jescar fretwire, you can send us an email at support.

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Jescar stainless steel fretwire

We are proud to offer Jescar stainless steel fretwire.  These are pre-cut and pre-radiused to help make installation easier.

Jescar is the leading supplier to the industry of quality fretwire.  You will not find a more consistent wire anywhere.  Many of the top guitar and bass manufactures use Jescar fretwire.

The main benefit of stainless steel fretwire versus nickel silver is the higher wear resistance for greater fret life.  This could very easily be the last fret job you will ever need!  Many players also report that string bending is a lot smoother than traditional nickel silver frets.  Some players have even mentioned that there is a sound difference.   I recently read an article from TONEQUEST where they had a guitar fitted with both nickel silver and stainless fretwire.  The writer and anyone who played the guitar couldn’t hear a hint of difference anywhere on the neck!  Sounds like a very cool experiment to try someday.

The only downside to stainless steel fretwire is that it’s tough on tools.   End nips and cutters will have a very short life.  I used our FastCap heavy duty flush cut pliers for at least 200+ cuts of stainless steel fretwire and they show more nicks now than they ever did cutting nickel silver fretwire.   They still cuts fine but just not as nice as they did prior to the stainless steel fretwire.  I will now designate a set of pliers for cutting stainless and one for nickel silver.   Fret files seem to be holding up very well.  It will absolutely take more time to do a normal fret job and I wouldn’t recommend using stainless steel for beginners.