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A new product we just received in are US manufactured vintage style telecaster bridges and neck pickup covers.

We are selling these in both full and half bridges.  The full tele bridges are direct replacement for US and Mexican Fender Telecaster guitars that were originally equipped with this style bridge.  Both of these are also great for custom guitar builds since they can be strung either through the body or top loaded.  Drilling the holes through the guitar body can sometimes be difficult for the novice builder.  The full bridges also feature a satin finish area on the inside starting just below the pickup mounting holes.  The half bridges are fully polished on the inside.  The brass barrel saddles are uncompensated and can easily be upgraded.

Vintage style telecaster bridges.

From left to right – Chrome, Gold, Nickel finish

The other new product we added are the Telecaster neck pickup covers.  These are standard tele sizes and come in both closed and open styles.  The open pickup covers will give your tele a very different sound then the standard covered neck pickup covers.  Like all of the other pickup covers we sell these are manufactured in the US from stamped nickel silver metal.  These are available in unplated, chrome, gold and nickel finishes.

Telecaster neck pickup cover selection.

From left to right – unplated, chrome, gold, and nickel finishes.