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05. March 2013 · Comments Off on 4 piece Violin nut file set now available · Categories: New products

We are now offering a set of gauged nut/bridge files made specifically for violins.  These come from the same manufacturer (HOSCO) as the other nut file sets that we sell.  The sizes are .020″, .026″, 032″ and .040″.  You can roll the file slightly when making a slot to produce in between sizes. These are an edge cutting file that will produce a rounded bottom slot.

Hosco Violin nut file setViolin nut and bridge file set


17. February 2013 · Comments Off on Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! · Categories: New products

You can now follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Click on the links to the right—->

We will be using our Facebook page to showcase new products and custom items we produce.  We will also add updates to let you know when there are new blog posts that you might want to check out!  Our shopping website will include “Like” buttons on all of our product pages.   This will be a great way for you to share the products you like with your Facebook friends.

For our Twitter account, we are going to keep it simple and use it more as a notification for when we have new products and when items are back in stock for purchase.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our internet presence, you can contact us at support.


05. October 2012 · Comments Off on Added new Gibson Truss Rod Covers screws · Categories: New products

Currently if you need a replacement truss rod cover screw for a Gibson guitar your only solution was to buy a new genuine Gibson truss rod cover. As a repair shop, these small screws always end up missing during a truss rod adjustment.

We have searched all over for a supplier of nickel and gold #3 x 1/4″ without any luck. Apparently the size isn’t commonly used by anyone but Gibson. The only solution was to have the screws custom ordered and plated for us. We also had them produce other screws, bolts and nuts. Please check www.philadelphialuthiertools.com under the screws & nuts category for our new offerings.

Nickel Gibson truss rod cover screwsGold Gibson truss rod cover screws







Gold Pickguard screw setNickel pickguard screw set

11. September 2012 · Comments Off on New custom guitar parts…full color truss rod cover, switch rings and pickguards!! · Categories: New products

One of the most popular items that we sell is our custom engraved truss rod covers. We color fill the engraving which allows for a more detailed engraving. A frequently asked question is if we can produce images instead of text. Engraved images do work but we need vector images (not jpg) and you are limited to just one color (white). If you are interested in this service, you need to contact us directly. We sometimes require an additional fee for the labor involved.

We are now ready to launch a new product that allows us to reproduce a color image that you provide. These images can be a photograph, Google\Bing\Yahoo images, band logos or something you have created. This image can then be applied to a truss rod cover, switch ring, back plate, pickguard, etc. We are going to start with basic Gibson items first. Please check back to be the first with some truly unique and custom items for your guitar!

Dye Sublimation SamplesFull color pickguard







Full color switch ringsFull color switch rings





Full color truss rod coversFull color truss rod covers

27. February 2012 · Comments Off on NEW Custom Engraved Truss Rod Covers for Ibanez and Guild guitars · Categories: New products · Tags: , , ,

We recently added 3 new truss rod covers to our custom engraved TRC inventory.

We have two Ibanez truss rod covers that are exactly the same shape but have different bottom mounting hole locations. The DM-911-IBZ1 is for guitars without the Access truss rod cover; The DM-912-IBZ2 is the one with the Access truss rod cover. The Access truss rod covers have the little door that opens and allows for easy access for truss rod adjustments. Of course with the custom engraved truss rod cover you will lose this ability…I don’t think that is a big deal for an awesome TRC! If you are ordering either one of these please check the measurement closely to ensure you get the correct truss rod cover.

Ibanez Non-Access Truss Rod Cover – DM-911-IBZ1

Ibanez non access truss rod cover

Ibanez Access Truss Rod Cover – DM-912-IBZ2Ibanez truss rod cover with access

We also have added a Guild custom engraved truss rod cover. They remind me of an upside down Gibson TRC. These have special rounded edges and are only 1mm thick on black TRC material.  This is a very easy way to add a little customization to your favorite guitar.

Guild truss rod cover DM-913-GUILD

Guild truss rod coverVisit our website at www.philadelphialuthiertools.com and see all the available custom engraved truss rod covers we have to offer. Tell a friend!