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MG-T thumbscrew-style locking tuners use a very simple functionality for locking and unlocking of strings with Gotoh technology.

GOTOH uses standard rotation of thumbwheel to lock and unlock the posts….think..righty-tighty…lefty-loosy.
Notice: Please be advised that thumbwheels do not need to cranked super tight to lock the strings. The specially designed locking pins are rounded to kink the string to help prevent the strings from working loose. Over-tightening the lock can possible break the tuning machines.

Post Dimensions Option

The MG-T are available in 3 different post heights/lengths.
You can choose several combinations for your own staggered posts.

MG-T Post Dimensions
The 3 dimensions Short 18.5mm, Long 20mm and Extra-Long 21.5mm are available.
Standard set for L3 + R3 are all Long 20mm posts.
Standard set for 6 in line for both strat and tilt back headstocks are 3 x Short 18.5mm for 1st-3rd strings and 3 x Long 20mm for 4th-6th strings.
**An exception to the 3 short and 3 long posts would be when installing on a guitar that has a thicker than normal headstocks like some ESP/LTD guitars. In this case, your would use 3 long and 3 ex-long posts.

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