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The Stud-Lock® mechanism is implemented to all of GOTOH’s 2 post anchor type tremolos (510, GE1996 and Wilkinson series) and 510 series bridges and tailpieces. This mechanism removes the gap between the height adjustable stud and anchor by the stud-lock screw inside of the stud. As the results, you will have better and enhanced tone transfer from the strings to the guitar body.

GOTOH Stud-Lock Bridge Posts

① The stud-lock screw penetrates through inside of the stud.
② There are two Allen head adjustments are inside of the stud. 1.5mm for Stud-Lock and 3mm for stud(bridge) height.
③ Insert the 1.5mm Allen key to make sure the Stud-Lock screw is fully inside the studs.
④ Insert the stud into the anchor and adjust the height by 3mm Allen key.
⑤ After the height is determined, insert the 1.5mm Allen key again and tighten the stud-lock screw until the screw touches the bottom of the anchor.
⑥ Then tighten more firmly to make sure that the stud doesn’t move.

** CAUTION:When adjusting the bridge height, make sure your strings are loose. If you make this adjustment while your strings are at normal tension, it may cause some wear on the bridge plate where it presses against the stud.

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