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How do we rank who is registered first, according to ZED? is it the tariff base or the zones?? Is it because my airline does not have an agreement with that airline? Or have I not been included in the list that uses myIDtravel? “Not familiar with ZED rates. Where can I get information and prices? Under the ZED Multilateral Interline Business Agreement (MIBA) Forum, more than 175 global airlines offer discounted fares under a multilateral agreement. Participating airlines may offer low, medium or high fares on an available or positive spatial basis. You can also offer ZED travel in economy or premium class. Below are the rules for the world`s top 10 airlines via the FLYZED website. While interline travel isn`t entirely free, a ZED fare for eligible airline employees and pass drivers remains a big deal. As the name suggests, ZED fares are divided into zones based on the air kilometre (plus taxes and fees). According to the agreement, the ticket price will then be set at three different levels; Low CED, medium CED and high ZED. Grief rates are rare now, but some still have guidelines for them.

Is a retired flight attendant entitled to a zed fare with another airline? If you have a round trip, can you be ready for the next flight to the same destination? ZED stands for Zonal Employee Discount. It is a multilateral agreement concluded in 1994 by Aer Lingus, Air Canada, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Malév Hungarian Airlines and SAS. Today, more than 170 airlines participate in this agreement. Employees of these airlines can fly with participating airlines at discounted prices. Compared to ID90, these rates are often higher. A ZED fare is a special fare/agreement between airlines to allow employees to travel on the basis of an available seat. One of the advantages of working for an airline is that employees can fly with their airline for free. But what if you want to go to a destination that your airline doesn`t serve? This is where zonal Employee Discount (ZED) rates come into play. Thank you for your question. This is a question for your airline`s passport office. As a general rule, only members registered on your profile are entitled to the ZED agreement.

Hello good evening that I love in the US and I have a hard time booking my zed fare on Klm, does anyone know anything about it, or does not allow KLM staff to redo zed, is so confused As a last resort, call the airline`s booking number…

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