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We have to break a lot of old agreements and change a lot of domesticated beliefs to actually have a space for someone`s violation or anger on us, without judging, withdrawing, defending, accusing, intellectualizing, you share their dream. I have not read this book and I do not intend to read it. I saw these four conventions on the wall in a yoga teacher`s house and laughed. These tenants are what Saniel Bonder, the founder of Waking Down In Mutality, would call hypermasculine ideas to improve ourselves. In fact, they could improve our lives for a while, but like all self-improvement projects, they imply that we need to be repaired and that we ultimately end up with more self-judgment. Although there is an important place for the action component in life (the masculine strength), it is necessary to reconcile it with the gentler maintenance and accept mother qualities of the deep woman. Truly loving ourselves for and with all our human weaknesses is the key to non-evaluation of ourselves and others and surprising unshakability. This can pave the way for a deeper understanding, which involves knowing ourselves as an unlimited divine presence. Here is a spontaneous list of my 4 chords: (1) Give yourself a break – again and again The idea is that over time, the impact of other people`s opinions has become a very powerful force in the habits we have created in our lives. During this process, we have made “agreements” in our minds about who and what we should be. Over time, we have learned to live our lives on the basis of these agreements. So it turns out that the decisions we make today are motivated by the opinions of other people in the past and not by those we would have chosen alone. In his book, Don Miguel Ruiz offers us four principles that we can practice to break the constraints created by others, so that we can build a happier and more successful life for ourselves.

Once again, I am honored that an apprentice of Don Miguel Ruiz took the time to share some wisdom here. Wrong URL in “Who quotes whom?” We had to create another page and URL for information about my trip to the Toltekenpyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico. The right link now is: tolteconline.com/teotihuacan-adventure/ Don Miguel Ruiz is a Mexican author of Toletic spirituistic texts. His teachings are based on the ancient Totec wisdom of obtaining happiness. His most famous book, The Four Agreements, advocates the personal freedom of beliefs and agreements we have made with ourselves and how these restrictions were created in our lives. They said, “I met a person who had read this book… ». .

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