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In Victorian local government, some councils are what they can to keep workers busy. . Read more ASU has been informed of the Board`s intention to restructure staff teams throughout St. Read More After negotiations were concluded late last year, your new enterprise contract now has. Read more YSAS Youth Support and Advocacy Service`s current company agreement still has months to learn more Please note the changes in meeting times and venue of company meetings. Since members overwhelmingly rejected the FCC`s initial proposal for a new company agreement, your. Read more 16.47 The ALRC believes that domestic violence clauses in company agreements likely play an important role in enhancing the safety of employees who are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence clauses recognize and address the impact of domestic violence on workers and employment and can provide a flexible way to negotiate responses to domestic violence in the workplace and create enforceable rights. The City of Whitehorse is proposing a company agreement to coordinate employees. Read More ASU has monthly conference calls with representatives of the 4 boards that are part of it. Read more 16.35 AFIs and domestic violence clauses in company agreements offer two mechanisms that can help address the needs of victims of domestic violence and protect safety.

The very first domestic violence in an industrial contract enforceable somewhere in the. Read more ASU has obtained Council approval for a paid mass assembly. The objective of the. Read more [30] “company agreement” was a term introduced from 1 January 2010 under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). Previously, agreements entered into under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cth) were referred to as “certified agreements” (until 27 March 2006) and “collective agreements”. Kingston`s corporate agreement has been accepted by a majority of employees and is now going. Read more Ballarat City Council votes on members of an agreement. If 50% of the votes. Read more After our members overwhelmingly adhered to the 2.5% one-year rollover agreement, read more 16.51 Despite their inclusion in a number of agreements, there are also a number of concerns about the inclusion of such clauses. .

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