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It was very helpful for me, I just want to check how much I learned and I am very happy that all the answers are correct Name Professor Name Grammatik review package 7 commas rule 1. Use a comma to separate the parts of a compound set. (The fanboys) Example 1. has. Your answers are correct, but you did the wrong exercise. b. Roberto`s wife loved the device, and he. Englishforeveryone.org name date Run-on answer sentences 1. My mother, father and sister are coming to dinner tonight. My parents and sister are coming to dinner tonight. 2. I like to learn English, but it makes me tired. 3.

my sister I can say that this quiz is difficult, but it is also of great help for me to develop my skills in sentence building. Your right, but I never passed one of the tests, I mean, I made at least one mistake in the answers to the questions. .

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