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HAL is the owner of the Heathrow runway, which is adjacent to and connected to the Rail Network. Trains running on the Heathrow track source traction current from the Heathrow Overhead Line Current System (OHLE). Electrical power for the Heathrow Spur OHLE system is supplied by a power station owned by Network Rail, which also powers Network Rail`s network. Network Rail owns the vast majority of the UK`s approximately 2,500 stations. We regulate access to stations by allowing access agreements to the station in accordance with the provisions of the Railway Act 1993. This page will be used as a summary of all presentation documents published by the ORR regarding access to stations and depots, including access agreements, access conditions, annexes, amending documents and modification agreements. Most stations are leased to and operated by one or the other company of franchised train operators. Network Rail operates the main stations, including: these price lists are in accordance with the final provision of the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and are mentioned in the track and station access contracts. National Station Access Conditions (FRI Leases) 2011 ORR expressed its final determination in the 2017/2018 prices, so we have had to update it since then to reflect inflation. These apply from 1 April of each year. The objective of the parties is that the methodology for calculating and paying traction electricity charges on the Heathrow track is compatible with the methodology for calculating and paying Rail Traction`s electricity consumption charges on the Network Rail network. Hal and Network Rail have therefore agreed that traction electricity consumption charges will be managed on Network Rail`s Heathrow track and will essentially be calculated and paid in accordance with the sectoral framework applicable to the Rail Network network. The determination of the ORR was expressed in 2017/2018 prices.

This is described below: We publish annual updates to price lists to reflect the effects of inflation. The price lists for the CPI are published annually in March on this page. . . .

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