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Before applying, you need to determine if an existing contract or payment obligation applies to your property. These agreements may require that any new development be built and maintained in accordance with previously approved plans, or that it establish other conditions and be exempt from ownership if it is to be replaced. Please provide separate files for any necessary documents or plans and use the following examples of naming conventions for electronic files: this authority provides a procedure that studies the design and technical aspects of a proposed development to ensure that it is attractive and compatible with the environment and contributes to economic vitality, social and environmental of the city. Features such as building design, site access and maintenance, waste storage, parking, loading and landscaping will be examined. A Minor Site Plan Control app is for single-family and two-family homes. Commercial, industrial and institutional uses (new development and/or revision of existing developments) of less than 100 square meters can be considered as a minor site plan control application. However, if it is found, during the site plan review phase, that the proposed development requires changes to the approved classification plan or may affect the site, the application for a complete application will be “increased” and the additional fee will be charged. The provision of additional information The authorization of the control of the situation plan is not mandatory, but can be requested by the city to allow the evaluation of a request for seizure of control of the situation. The meeting offers collaborators the opportunity to outline the planning process of the local community and allow you to present your proposal in public. It also offers the local community the opportunity to vote on the proposal. This contribution will be taken into account by city staff when reviewing revisions to your proposal. Generally speaking, the building permit does not apply to detached houses, semi-detached houses and duplex apartments.

The purpose of a master plan authorization is to verify the characteristics of the site project and coordinate the following: If your property is submitted for approval of the site plan, you can only build according to plans approved by the Chief Planner or his agents. You may also need to enter into an agreement and publish financial securities to secure certain aspects of your proposal. All plans must be folded with a maximum size of 8 1/2″ x 14″ (legal size) and in separate sentences, with the title block visible in the lower right corner of the drawing sheet. Plans are not accepted if this requirement has not been met. Bundled plans are not accepted. Section 41 of the Planning Act (ONT) allows a municipality to establish one or two planning control areas within the municipality. When development is proposed in this area, a developer must obtain the approval of the Municipal Council (or its delegate) for the plans and drawings of the proposed development defined by the legislation. The site plan management process typically takes four to six weeks between the application filing date and the conditional site plan approval date.

The time it takes to get final approval of the plan depends on whether major design issues need to be resolved and how quickly you meet all the conditions of the building permit. The City of Toronto has a two-step approval process for site plans. The first step is the issuance of the Notice of Approval Conditions (NOAC) and the second step, once all the prerequisites for prior authorization are met, the issuance of the declaration of authorization, which means the final approval of the location plan. A building permit is a necessary process that you must follow for most developments, including renovations or additions of larger buildings. As a precondition for the approval of plans and drawings, the municipality may require the owner of the land to make available such developments, easements and other matters provided for by law, through the conclusion of a confiscation plan agreement. . . .

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