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Create agreement types in the QuickCodes window for order registration, with the QuickCode Type field set to the agreement types. You can assign chord types to certain agreements if you place the agreement in the Agreements window. See: Define quickcodes for collecting/shipping orders. Your contract with Oracle contains guidelines applicable to the products and services you have ordered. Here you will find all the guidelines referred to in Oracle`s standard contracts, sorted by agreement name. Assign a contract type to an order type to limit the agreements you can choose from when entering an order using the order type. For example, if you have negotiated agreements, you can define a type of agreement “negotiated” and associate them with multiple agreements. Next, reorder the “Negotiate” agreement type to an order type. In this example, users who enter orders for this type of order can only access agreements of type “Negotiated”. If you do not have to restrict access to the agreement while entering the order, clear the Agreement Type field in the Order Type window, and with Oracle Order Entry/Shipping, you can choose any type of agreement when entering an order for that type of order. See: Defining Order Types. If the default value set contains default agreement information after a chord is selected, Oracle Entry/Shipping automatically copies the default agreement to the command. See: Overview of client orders.

When creating order types, indicate whether you need an agreement to enter an order for that order type. You also specify your default value rule for the order type, which contains the default information for the order agreement. When registering the contract, all orders for this type of contract receive information from the agreement awarded to the contract. Oracle has developed a consistent contract model that applies to all of our products and services worldwide. . For more information on Oracle pricing, click here. . At Oracle, the transparency of our contracts and guidelines is critical to our business. We offer uniform contractual terms for all our products and services worldwide….

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