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After a new delivery of corrected services, the contracting entity shall immediately start a new acceptance check. If, within two (2) working days of the last acceptance period or any other period acceptable to both parties, after the first receipt of the services, the customer does not have a written acceptance or a written declaration on the conformities, the services are considered immediately accepted by the customer. Letters to business partners are letters that you write to people with whom you deal with a number of transactions. A business partnership is a legal relationship that arises when two or more people agree to jointly manage a business as a co-owner. If you enter into such a partnership, you will need to write a letter to your business partners to get your message across clearly and strongly and keep a legal record of the partnership. The letter should be formal and contain the partnership offer, the names of all counterparties and the terms of the partnership. Letters to business partners must be written with a professional tone. They should comply with all accepted standards for business letters. Indicate the purpose of the letter.

Enter all the necessary details about the partnership, as stated in the contract. Specify the name and title of the recipient. Use the corresponding addresses and formal closures. Clearly indicate the date and mention each document attached to the letter. Close the letter with a positive note and sign it with your name and title. Letters addressed to counterparties must be printed on the company`s letterhead. [Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional- PandaTip: This special business contract allows the conclusion of several projects in specifications negotiated under this agreement. If a company/person is interested in collaborating with another company/person, they tend to write this type of letter to that person. This letter represents the views they have about the company/person to whom they are writing the letter.

Clearly explain your plan/contract and tell them that there will be positive consequences. However, their choice is to accept or decline the offer. The letter should be very formal and the parts you write should be able to trust that you will get 100% of what you indicate in the letter. . . .

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