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January 2019 Launch of IPSX – the first and only commercial real estate exchange This is an advantage for both the investor and the JV structure, since the SPV Luxco 1 will for example be able to own SPV Luxco 3 or SPV Luxco 4, which are pools of totally separate and banking real estate assets. The other advantage of a Luxco security – especially in a multi-asset portfolio – is that it creates a single execution point for lenders. Traditionally, those who wish to invest money in the sector play a passive role and simply inject equity into a real estate project or a listed real estate company, without saying much – or anything – in the way the property is managed. A $1M deal or a company could be concluded alone with a joint venture agreement, but you would be well advised to create a new entity under the JV agreement. On the other hand, if the business is just a matter of tens of thousands of dollars, the cost of a new unit may outweigh the benefits of a separate LLC for the business. Recently, there has been an insurgency of alternative investors in the real estate finance market. Hedge funds, credit funds and even insurance companies are very much in competition with more traditional bank lenders. The law gives the parties great flexibility in organizing such a relationship. This article is aimed at the practitioner who establishes such agreements and draws attention to the five pitfalls to avoid when creating real estate joint venture contracts. These are commitments (a) of the parties to the Joint Undertaking, (b) the distribution of the remuneration of the Joint Undertaking, (c) the regulatory structure of the Joint Undertaking, (d) the dissolution of the Joint Undertaking and (e) the dispute settlement mechanisms. Of course, there are thousands of drafting questions in agreements that can be dozens of pages long, and it is recommended that those of you who are about to enter into a joint venture agreement seek competent advice like the lawyers at A.Y.

Strauss LLC when you are doing actual legal work and negotiations on such a complex contract. This article aims to focus on the broadest themes. JV then enters into an asset management agreement (AMA) with the asset manager, either directly or through a subsidiary, and a property management agreement (PMA), often with an external property manager….

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