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These include non-profit organizations. Financial services regulations (Distance Marketing) apply when you take out a credit agreement at a distance, for example by phone or online. You must base this assessment on sufficient information they have received from you and an economic information service. If you want to repay some or all of the loan in advance, write to your credit provider to ask how much you will have to pay to pay the debt or indicate how much you want to repay. If you received a credit for the services, you will likely be reimbursed if you terminate the credit agreement, if you have already made part of the payment, for example. B in the form of a deposit. Before granting a loan or significantly increasing the amount of credit you have, a lender must check your creditworthiness. Consumer credit in the UK is governed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (amended in 2006), the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and various rules for implementing European Union consumer credit legislation. Some contracts are covered by the Consumer Credit Act, which covers your rights when entering into a credit agreement. This includes: while the credit agreement can be terminated, the contract for the item or service itself is not affected, so if you used the credit to finance the purchase of a car, you must find another way to pay, unless you have another right to terminate this contract. If you borrow money, you`ll get credit – this can include overdrafts, credit cards, and credits. The lender should usually provide you with a credit agreement that will set out the details of the transaction, including your rights. You and the lender must agree to the terms of the agreement to seal the agreement.

You can then contact the agency or agencies to get a copy of your credit file which they must provide for £2. If you have purchased items but wish to terminate the credit agreement, you should normally return the goods or find another way to pay for them….

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