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Thus, this legality of a contract is governed by section 23 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, which clearly defines the conditions on which the purpose and consideration of an agreement is considered lawful. These conditions include: 1. Should not be prohibited by law Immorality a very complete word depends on the behavior of a person who expels it from moral norms or norms of society, which constantly changes over time. For this reason, the law itself has established that it is not possible to set specific standards or a precise limit for judging the extent of immorality, because obviously, because of changing social norms, what is once moral can be considered immoral. The knowledge of the prostitution profession of the other party and the purpose for which the products for which it is to be used are therefore two important factors in entering into a contract with an illegal prostitute for immorality. At the same time, a contract to rent accommodation to a prostitute for her stay and not for her professional exercise was considered a legal contract, so that the owner of the dwellings had the right to recover the rent of the dwellings rented to him. This took place in the case of Appleton v Campbell. A change of era always marks a change in social norms, especially when it comes to determining what is immoral and therefore illegal. Therefore, it is not possible for the law to generally limit the scope of immoral treaties. Immorality is a fluid concept that can only be determined by current standards and standards and recent judgments. But the consequence of an agreement that is immoral will always remain the same, illegal and unenforceable.

With the Interest Act of 1978 and taking into account the importance of morality in trade agreements, the Tribunal understood that the extent of immorality could no longer be limited to the case of immoral sexual contracts, but that it should also be extended to the interpretation of immorality in trade agreements. Illegal withholding of money and non-payment of interest over a long period of time have not been found to be justified by the judge in today`s world.

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