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5.9 (e) From the date of this directive, the company will make an economically appropriate effort to provide or provide Ultimate Parent with all assistance requested from Ultimate Parent to prepare for transactions contemplated by EDS APA, including the use of an economically reasonable effort (i) to reasonably require such financial, financial or other information, with respect to the East Division as an Ultimate Parent (ii) assist in the development of disclosure plans, exhibitions and ancillary agreements under the EDSPA, (iii) assist in the transitional planning of the EDS-Asset Purchase and (iv) assist in obtaining government authorizations and authorizations, authorizations and communications that must be obtained by others in accordance with the EDS or others. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this agreement, the Company is not considered a violation of any of the agreements reached in this regard with respect to the APA EDS (including whether a precedent has not been breached or not met under Section 6.2 (b) provided (i) has acted in good faith to meet its requirements with respect to the EDS declaration. or (ii) such a violation or failure is not the cause of the transactions contemplated by EDS APA and which are not completed immediately after the merger. The Employment Appeal Tribunal overturned this decision and stated that the date of notification to the employee of his summary dismissal was the EDT, even though, in the circumstances, the employer should have dismissed but did not. The EDT in that case was therefore September 1, and it was the decisive time to determine whether the application had been made in time. Notice dates are also included in employment contracts. In this case, the term refers to the date the contract ends. At this point, a person`s employment with his or her employer ends. Since the employee is no longer on the payroll, they are no longer bound by the obligations and responsibilities outlined in the contract. The worker also waives access to the workplace, equipment and all employment-related benefits. (c) by the company or the ABI, if, after the date of this law or regulation, a law or regulation that unlawfuls full enforcement or supply is passed, or by the company or the ABI, when a judgment, injunction, injunction or order of a government authority authorized by the government, including the general meeting of the merger or offer, , is rendered and, the order or order are definitively and untested; As noted above, the termination date marks the end of the contract and also indicates the date on which the final payment or payment is due.

Payment may include interest, fees or other fees to comply with and terminate the terms of the contract. Once the termination or expiry date has been reached and the (definitive) payment has been made, no further payment is required. (b) by the company or the ABI if the merger was not completed on December 30, 2013 or before December 30, 2013 (since it may be extended, the termination date); provided that at the time of the written election (i) one of the conditions set out in Section 8.01 (a) or Section 8.01 (b) is not met, or (ii) when the government authority disagrees; which challenges the conclusion of the transactions under the law of the agreements, which has begun the written choice of the company or the ABI, may extend the termination date by 90 calendar days (and, in the event of renewal, any reference to the termination date in another provision of this agreement is a reference: the date of termination of the extension; In addition, the right to terminate this Agreement pursuant to this section 10.01(b) is not available to any party whose violation of a provision of this Agreement results in the merger not being completed on the date of termination; For example, you hired a tutor for a period of six months.

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