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PRDS® Forms is a wide range of paper and online forms for the purchase and sale of denin. These forms are available online as a benefit to all realTOR members® members of the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS® and the San Mateo County Association of REALTORS®. The online version of the forms is an extremely robust and intuitive platform that is much easier to use than other platforms. Paragraph 41 on rental real estate has been renamed Rental Property, Rent Cap – Just Cause Eviction and has been extensively expanded to provide a brief description of the new rent control and evacuation provisions. Other amendments to renter-tenant laws have also been added, including the fact that discrimination against persons who use “Section 8” vouchers is an offence to the right of fair residence and that landlords cannot deny the tenancy to tenants who intend to use the property for a residential establishment, up to 14 children). This revised section also warns that sellers of occupied tenant-occupied buildings should investigate the viability and eviction costs of tenants with their own landlord-tenant lawyer, in order to avoid the conclusion of an unenforceable sales contract. The Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo (HACSM) accepts active Section 8 participants who wish to move from another authority to San Mateo County. For those who wish to enter our jurisdiction, please contact your relevant housing authority to request portability from our agency. Yes, a landlord may charge a tenant late rent if the rent is received after the due date. An owner must include late fees in the rental agreement.

Some states limit the amount a lessor can collect in fees, but even unrestricted states prohibit excessive late fees. As a general rule, a delay in fees of less than 5% of the rent is acceptable. If the tenant or a person the tenant knows is responsible for the deterioration of the appliance, the tenant is responsible for the repair. Otherwise, the owner is responsible. Before signing the lease or lease, tenants should check the appliance carefully and ask the landlord or manager to fix things. Tenants can take photos of the existing damage and date it so that they have a check-in.

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