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For this reason, the au pair is entitled to at least three free evenings and one day off per week, in addition to two days of rest per month and regular pocket money. Host families and young adults interested in the Luxembourg au pair programme will receive useful information on how you prepare to exchange and how to live together during your stay. Hosting an au pair means: welcoming a young person from abroad for a temporary stay in the family in exchange for easy family tasks, so that the young person can: Important advice: Since 14 May 2019, the accession of the Philippines to the Apostille Convention (on the authentication/legalization of documents) has replaced the issuance of authentication certificates by the posting of the apostille page on official documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, this does not apply to Belgian-Luxembourg au pair contracts. The procedure applied to these contracts by Philippine embassies/consulates is referred to as “certificate, NO authenticated.” Contracts still need to be processed, but not apostated. No no! An au pair`s work week is limited to 25 hours. The basic idea of the au pair exchange is that the host family receives childcare assistance and, in return, welcomes a young person and inserts them into their language and culture in Luxembourg. To achieve this, the au pair needs enough free time. The au pair is usually entitled to one full day of rest per week, plus two extra days of rest per month. The host family and the au pair determine the exact schedules together in the contract. “Au pair” is the term for 18-29 year olds who live in a family abroad for a limited period of time and help them care for the children. No no! Indeed, the stay in Luxembourg as an au pair aims to teach Luxembourg culture to young people from other countries. To this end, au pairs must have enough free time, but should not be used to earn money.

5.4. The CGs and the service contract sent by the family service provider are a contract. However, the support of the SNJ can only be guaranteed if both parties meet the legal requirements and have signed the official NJS au pair contract. To become an au pair in Luxembourg, it is mandatory to obtain validation by the Ministry of National Training of your admission as an au pair. Making conviviality, having fun, learning how to make new dishes – shared experiences strengthen the relationship between the au pair and the host family. If contact with the au pair is maintained after departure, for example. B via Skype and phone, it facilitates the separation of children and allows all participants to feel better. CFO`s CFS sticker allows the au pair to benefit from travel tax and airport terminal tax exemptions. If in French or Dutch, the agreement must be filed with a certified English translation, legalized by the Belgian/Luxembourg Ministry of Justice and apostated by the Belgian/Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. copy of the valid passport with a valid au pair visa or equivalent of the destination country; and a final invoice is drawn up and issued by the family service provider as soon as the service provider has completed the service delivery and that, in accordance with the terms described in Article 8 of these GVCs and in the service agreement between the service provider and the light household service that the au pair can perform, the application form is indicated and should be discussed in advance. These include the preparation of school bags and the nursery, washing children`s clothes and emptying the dishwasher.

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