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After being approved by the teacher, the student must have signed the apprenticeship agreement at the foreign headquarters and put it online in the “student space” of the International Office (N.B website: it is necessary to log in to access the student area and download the document). The European Erasmus internship programme allows training to be carried out with a foreign company or a foreign institution. Each year, the university calls for proposals for the selection (available in the Appeals section of the international website) of students admitted to European promotion. The call is usually launched in June. Una vez que el coordinador de la UA firm y saddle elektriny y digital ly acuerdo de aprendizaje online, y lo largo de todo su periodo de intercambio, los estudiantes pueden genera on documento de Learning agreement (pdf format), y guardar o printer este documento desde on UACloud Campus Virtual: All students have an obligation to conclude the learning agreement at Uniweb at the following times. that the student must perform during the exchange. It is recommended that the number of credits you wish to acquire abroad corresponds to the length of your stay (usually 30 credits for one semester, 60 credits for the whole year, with, of course, an appropriate flexibility margin). . With regard to student mobility for internships, the apprenticeship agreement should define how the internship is recognised, depending on whether it is counted in the student`s diploma, on a voluntary basis (not compulsory for the diploma) or by a recent graduate. See the guidelines below. For the presentation procedures and for the signing of the apprenticeship agreement, it is necessary to consult the information contained in the pages of Erasmus services in university schools. The apprenticeship agreement defines the program of study or internships to be carried out abroad and must be approved by the student, the sending body, the organization or the company before the start of the exchange. Department of Philosophy, Social Sciences, Humanities and Training Cuando el Coordinador UA compruebe el Learning Agreement online, student is sent by email.

The Apprenticeship Agreement (LA) is a document that describes the curriculum to be conducted abroad. The student must therefore agree in advance with the Erasmus delegate of his department of exams that he wishes to take abroad (or, in general, the training activities he intends to carry out), to complete and sign the LA form. The document is only valid if it is signed by the Erasmus delegate of the Department and the Erasmus director of the host university.

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