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Shinto Saw Rasps

Now available through our website is the Shinto Saw Rasp.  These rasps are made from 10 pieces of double-sided riveted saw blades and will make quick work of your carving needs.  The combination of the saw tooth design and the large open areas prevent clogging that happens with normal rasps.  Use the coarse side for quick shaping and very rapid material removal.  Use the fine side for the finishing pass. Guitar builders will love using these to shape a guitar neck or to work a beveled edge on the guitar bodies.

We also have available the Shinto planer style saw rasps that comes with a removable blade. The two handles are raised above the work surface to allow you to work on larger surface areas without your hands getting in the way.  The blade is easily removed to allow access to both a coarse and fine sides.  By removing More »

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We offer this new easy and fast fret polishing tools. These don’t have the problem of steel wool. Erase the small scratches or polish the dirty frets. Because of their softness, the rubber fits to the fret arch perfectly and won’t deform the fret. Also the soft rubber keeps the fingerboard damage to a minimum (still need tape protection if the eraser will rub the fingerboard). They are easy to cut with a knife for easy shaping or hard to reach areas. Come in three different grits 180/400 grit set (1 of each size) or a 1000 grit set(2 pieces).

   Fret polishing erasersFret polishing erasersBefore polishingBefore and After polishing

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One of our most popular items is the 10 piece nut file. The sizes are .010/.013/.016/.024/.028/.032/.036/.042/.046/.056. You can buy them as a set of 10 or each file separately. These files have a very high quality file with twin cutting edges with rounded profile that produce a clean and accurate string slot. You can get any of these items at www.philadelphialuthiertools.com. We ship all orders next business day if not sooner.

10 piece nut file set